Excerpt from A Romance Novel


I swerved into the driveway of to the Grayson Manor with every bit of gas I had left. It was like time had slowed down at the gate, which chose the perfect moment to press the slow-motion button. Andrew, who […]



It was a cloudy day when we first met. Dismal, but with the promise of sun later on that Sunday. We played pool and you thought I hustled you. You were right. How could I have known how sweet you […]

The Prophecy


It began, “In sixteen years and on month ten, This Final Prophecy will begin. A young male and female are destined to meet And mend this world, which in defeat. The Book of Orsana Will claim the girl. Spurred by […]

A Dystopia

They had lifted the ban on the abroad program my first semester at the University. To spread the news, they had requested that all students on campus assemble at the Dome before the 9 a.m. classes were to begin. By […]