It began,

“In sixteen years and on month ten,

This Final Prophecy will begin.

A young male and female are destined to meet

And mend this world, which in defeat.

The Book of Orsana

Will claim the girl.

Spurred by her knowledge,

A Savior will unfurl.

The two who seek to conquer

Will both die by her hand,

With a dagger made by the Sorcerer,

Who vanished the land.

Of rare blood,

Our boy is born.

Of rare power,

A Savior is formed.

Peace will enter the world,

Because he convinced it to.

With an army and power so great,

His words are his virtue.

But before our Saviors succeed,

They will face many troubles to come.

They will be betrayed, they will be tortured,

And death will threaten one.

Lives will be lost and oaths will be made,

And our saviors might lose themselves along the way.

So if they shall fail,

The Great Creator will release his rage.

And our world, our Orsana

Shall instantly decay.

However, if they shall prevail,

 Orsana will live again.

In sixteen years and on month ten,

This Final Prophecy will begin.”

The Oracle blinked back and released a deep breath. It had been done.

She would not surrender to time. With a flick of her fingers, the world began to change around her. Images blurred together. Blue turned to black. Gold turned to white. Heat turned to a cool draft. She blinked everything into focus and confirmed that she was no longer in the Cave of Chronicles. She was now in the midst of the Gray Wood, a land on the east side of Orsana.

Though cocooned by trees and darkness, she immediately detected the light post that she’d previously envisioned. It glowed faintly within the dark neighborhood, and it released a heat that was foreign in the cold land.

The violent wind fought against her cheeks as she forced herself in the light’s direction. Although she was alone, she felt eyes on her, watching her every move. In her case, the theory would not have been completely impractical. The entire world watched her, studying her steps and memorizing her quality. Beasts peaked from beneath the shrubs of the ground, and creatures quivered from behind the leaves of the trees. When she walked past them, they peaked from their barriers to look at her, feeling terrified in the mind and hopeful in the heart.