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New Media Capstone

In this final course of my New Media Certificate journey, I operated with a team of NMI students to produce an application for the advertising company, Moxie. Using my technical skills attainted in the Introduction to New Media Studies and New Media Productions course, along with my professional skills attended in the Digital Brown Bag course, I successfully worked with my team to create EraScope, a modern lens to scope the past.

EraScope is a prototype application that aims to re-contextualize history using augmented reality. The application allows the user to experience the unknown history of everyday locations or monuments in a visually interesting and interactive way.

Using the augmented reality functionality, the user has two ways to experience the history of a location or monument. Using the first option, the user can visit the physical monument or location and view the information in real time. By using the second option, the user can bring the monument straight to their home and view the content on their own terms.

Instead of simply reading a historical plaque or a Wikipedia article, EraScope gives its users the opportunity to enjoy historical content in a visually entertaining and concise way. With a focus on photo, audio, video, and 3D modeling, take a look at the past with EraScope. You will not fail to be amazed.

Project Tasks

My EraScope Tasks

Working with my EraScope team members, I engaged in a user research study to see who the likely users of the EraScope would be. to do so, my team and I conducted several in-depth interviews with history students, activists, and college and secondary school educators. We asked our respondents between five to ten questions in hope to gain insight on their interests in/knowledge of historical sights, place-based learning, and AR technology.

For the historical narrative aspect of the application, I helped find, write, and create the historical recollections for each of the sites supported in the application. Both my voice and my research assisted the audible and geographical story-telling within the augmented reality experience.

Using a bootstrap template, I single-handedly coded, designed, and maintained the EraScope project website using HTML/CSS and the skills I learned in the New Media Productions course.

Project Links

EraScope Links

Here are the links to the EraScope project trailer and webiste. Click to view more details.

The EraScope Trailer

This is the EraScope project trailer, which was presented at New Media Institute's 2020 SLAM event.

The EraScope Website

This is the EraScope project website, which showcases the app's purpose and features. The website also includes information about the team and process that created the application.
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