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Who Am I?

Hello! I'm Ms. Aysha Jerald, a 9th Grade English Teacher at Meadowcreek High School. I am a proud graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.A./B.S.Ed. in English/English Education and a New Media Studies Certificate. Born and raised in the small town of Sugar Hill, Georgia, I've had my fair share of comfortable places. Yet, I still have a wanderlust spirit, and I'm always inclined to take the road less traveled by.

As of the past couple years, I have gained two professional titles: Published Researcher in the peer-reviewed American Journal for Undergraduate Research and the wonderful title of "Ms. J," formally working as a teacher at Clarke Central High School in Athens, GA. My research and my experience as an educator have greatly shaped my character and mission. I am a firm believer in the importance of inclusivity and discovering the hidden narratives within both literature and people.

Navigate below for a detailed glimpse of my skillsets and achievements. Also, please don't hesitate to reach out and connect!

What I do?

Here are some of my teaching expertise

Mixed Method Research

Highly-Qualified Published Researcher in the Peer-reviewed "American Journal for Ungergraduate Research" (AJUR)

Technology Equipped

Proficient in Microsoft & Google Suite Applications. Familiar with Coding Web Templates Using HTML/CSS

Digital Tools

Experience Using Kami, Menitmeter, Padlet, Pear Deck, Hypothesis, Newsela, Edpuzzle, and Several Others for Classroom Engagement

Multimodal Instruction

Proficient in Teaching in Virtual, Hybrid, and In-person Settings

Title 1 Experience

A Pre-Service ELA Teacher at Clarke Central High School (Spring 2021) in Athens, GA

Public Speaking

Experience Working with Research/App Development Teams and Presenting at Conferences

Cups of coffee
Published Works
My Specialty

My Other Skills

Creative Writing


Journalistic Writing


Project Management






Event Planning


Other Work Experience

TRIO McNair Scholar 2018-2021

In this program, I conduct extensive, interdisciplinary mixed method research studies/projects by analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data using line-by-line coding and SPSS application. I also work with both UGA’s Department of English, College of Education, and Division of Academic Enhancement to complete these projects.

Center for Undergraduate Research 2018-2019

In this program, I conducted an extensive, interdisciplinary mixed method research study and analyzed both qualitative and quantitative data using line-by-line coding and SPSS application. I worked with both UGA’s Department of English and Division of Academic Enhancement to do so.

Click here for a link to my project, "Exploring the Relationship between Dystopian Literature and the Activism of Generation Z Young Adults."

My Works

Teaching Portfolio

This section of my Portfolio reflects some of the work I have done with ELA previous units.

Reading Portfolio

This first work is a seven-page Reading Portfolio of the text Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. It lists several detailed before, during, and after reading strategies to assist a student's understanding of the literature. The portfolio also lists various supplemental material that could be used, including spoken word performances and excerpts from contemporary YA.

Instructional Strategy Checklist

This checklist is based on GAPSC and INTASC standards for English Education. Its main purpose is to show how I have used a variety of strategies while teaching in the Spring (2021) Semester.

Promise into Practice: Teaching Writers

This six-page lesson demonstrates my skills in teaching writing using the CSEAT framework. First, I analyzed the writing-focused summative assessment from the previous argumentative writing unit to find student strengths and weaknesses. Then, I adjusted and created the next writing-focused unit with those weaknesses in mind. The objective was to create an artifact that would increase and organize a student's informational writing skills. In this lesson, you will see how this artifact helped a student improve their writing.

Promise into Practice: Teaching Readers

This nine-paged document demonstrates the process of teaching my 9th grade readers how to analyze themes in a text. The unit focused on identifying the steps of a Hero’s Journey using the Sonia Nazario’s “Enrique’s Journey” as the key text. By reading and taking notes on various excerpts from the story, my students and I identified where each step of the Hero’s Journey occured. I asked leading questions, and my students determined the content of the notes taken.

Promise into Practice: Differentiation

This two-page document demonstrates my skills in differentiation. I took a worksheet adapted for students on the SPED roster and adapted it for my Gifted/Honors students. I added more questions to the worksheet, inserted boxes for reflection, and included a video/visual element. I removed segments that I felt weren’t as challenging and prioritized freedom of thought. The first document represents the original version, and the second document represents the differentiated version.

"This I Believe" Ignite Talk

This final, celebatory "Ignite Talk" video clip showcases my work throughout the year as a teacher at CCHS, as well as several statements regarding what I believe about teaching to this day. Click to view, listen, and enjoy!

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