NMI Summary

The New Media Certificate Journey

My New Media Certificate journey can be described in three words —innovative, educational, and enlightening. This unique program at the University of Georgia is designed to turn amateurs into professionals in the realm of emerging technologies, web development and design, and any and all things digital story-telling. Before entering the program, I was an English/ English Education major that cringed at the sight or mention of technology. Now, I’m an English/ English Education major who cannot truly function without it.

The New Media Institute provided me with a wide range of opportunities to grow and implement the skills I have acquired into my studies and daily life. The Introduction to New Media course provided me with the knowledge and history of basic technologies that exist in the world, and the New Media Productions course provided me the opportunity to navigate and explore those existences. For instance, I learned the coding languages of HTML/CSS and Javascript, as well as how to draft websites from scratch and using Bootstrap/Wordpress templates. With these coding skills, I was able to code and design my portfolio, as well as my team's project website for the NMI Capstone course all on my own.

Furthermore, the New Media Institute not only helped me gain technical skills but also professional skills. In the certificate's Digital Brown Bag course, I was given insights by my instructor and guest speakers from various companies on how to successfully function as a job applicant and as an adult. The course taught me about healthcare and insurance, as well as about resumé building and interview etiquette. I was able to fully grow into a professional due to this course, which successfully prepared me for the client-based interaction I would experience in the certificate's final Capstone course.

My journey with the New Media Institute was life-changing. It expanded not only my abilities as an English/ English Education Major but also my understanding of the world. Since our world is constantly evolving and changing, it’s only natural that we evolve and change with it. We should embrace new, emerging technologies and find ways to include them in our lives.

The certificate and institute call its students to “Make Something Work. Then Make It Work Better,” and I whole-heartedly agree. With everything obstacle and/or technology I encounter, I first try my best to make it work. Then, I attempt to make it work better.

NMI Certificate Courses

Course Summary

This class was a deep dive into the technical, social, cultural, ethical, and economic aspects of new media technologies. First, I learned the history and theory of past and emerginign technologies, as well as the mechanics behind hardware, software, and networks. Then, I studied case studies of leading tech companies and explored essential new media topics, including topics relating to the implementation of Virtural and Augmented Reality. This class was an amazing introduction to the field of New Media, and it provided a great foundation for future growth and understanding.

This course provided me a solid foundation of technical coding and design skills. In this class, I learned how to design and develop web sites that function effectively across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, etc.). I left the class with a wide range of knowledge in Wordpress and Bootstrap and as well as in the following coding languages: HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Visit my New Media Productions website.

In this class, I explored new media technologies, industry trends, and secrets to getting a job in various fields. Once a week, NMI introduced one industry professional to the class, who graciously shared their experiences and simultaneously provided networking and career opportunities.

This final course for my NMI Certificate called upon all of the skills I gained throughout my NMI journey. Over the course of the semester, I worked together with a team to build new media solutions that addressed the specific client problem of Moxie, an Atlanta-based advertising and marketing firm. Working with a team of other NMI students, I helped to develop the content for an app using and implementing emerging technologies.

Visit my NMI Capstone website.

I took two non-NMI electives to fulfill my NMI Certificate. Those two courses were 1) Technical and Prefessional Communication and 2) Digital Storytelling.

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